Fɩ́ɩ la Bɩnaam!!

Welcome !


Welcome to the first website in the Foodo language for the Foodo people.
We are very happy to welcome you to our site.

This website is for the Foodo people and everyone who speaks the Foodo language—a place to which they can come visit. It honors the Foodo language like all the other languages that are already on the Internet. Now all those who know how to use the Internet, can go to this Foodo website so that they can see different information concerning the Foodo people and language such as literacy, Foodo customs, Foodo folktales, traditional wrestling, football (soccer), etc.--basically, everything that celebrates the Foodo people and language. This website makes possible for Foodo men and women wherever they are in the world can have information about the Foodo people. As this is  just the start of our site, there is just a little information at this time. But God willing, you will have lots of information in the future. For this reason, we ask whoever sees or hears this news, to please share it with others.

This Foodo website was created by a group of Foodo literacy teachers in order to promote the Foodo language. This was done in consultation with Gray Plunkett, a linguist commonly known in Sèmèrè as “Zakariya”.

We greet you wherever you are.

Map of Sèmèrè from Waze

Map of Sèmèrè taken from the Waze App


Your encouragement is valuable to us

Your stories help make websites like this possible.