Takai Dance

The Foodo dance is a dance performed by men among the Foodo. This danse is danced principally for the two main Foodo feasts, which are the feast at the end of Ramadan (Aid el-Fitr) and the feast of Tabaski (Aid al-Adha).

It is a dance which is done by a group of people (an even number) to facilitate the rythme and the cadence. Each dancer must have a stick that is no longer than 40cm (16”), wear a slightly loose traditional outfit in the shape of an funnel, a hat of any kind, shoes allowing you to do the movements well, etc. It is done using the sounds of drums, songs and a few whistles used by the dancers. This traditional foodo dance is simply fantastic, as evidenced by the video clip seen below.

Here in this video, is a clip of this dance during the feast of Tabaski 2022. It was really interesting, especially the way the white man called Zakariya, who lives in the Tchinguéyaré neighborhood of Sèmèrè, dances.